Girls- The Voice of our Generation?

Posted by: on Dec 4, 2012 | No Comments

Let’s face it, any girl who’s seen the new State-side comedy series ‘Girls’ would love to be the fifth member of the cast. Writer and creater of the show, Lena Dunham has done a magnificent job of portraying the embarrassing angst that is commonly associated within our generation of twenty somethings.

The plot consists of Hannah Horvath (played by Dunham herself) an aspiring writer, who after interning for two year in New York has been financially cut off by her parents. After being fired from her internship, she goes on to make ends meet by navigating through her twenties ‘one mistake at a time’ with her 3 close friends. Her friends include uptight and put together Marnie, innocent virgin Shoshanna and cool Brit, Jessa.

The cast of 'Girls'

Whilst there are many popular half hour comedy series out there, the reason why ‘Girls’ has the ultimate edge is that it holds no leaf unturned. Steamy passionate sex scenes that we ultimately crave are left for other glamorous shows, but in ‘Girls’ awkward scenes of the realistic nature are depicted. We don’t look at those scenes and wish we could be in that very moment, but rather a cold shudder runs down our back as we relive a past moment when we’ve been through that same exhibition before. Along with sex scenes, what other show is going to portray our negative self esteem issues? Or those moments when you feel as if only ugly men are attracted to you, or having a hush hush girl on girl action, or having a boyfriend who frankly doesn’t give two hoots about us yet we believe one day he’ll change, or having a summit meeting every night to discuss in depth the days boy problems, or listening to a desperate virgin giving herself comfort or career goals failing in-front of your face while that girl you hated from university nabs an exclusive book deal?

Lena Dunham

Airing our dirty laundry has never been so much fun and relatable. We giggle and reminisce every week and have some comfort in knowing that we aren’t that only ones who are going through daily awkward occurrences. Lena Dunham understood us and she’s giving people like us a voice.

Girls is currently airing on Sky Atlantic. Season 2 will begin in America on January 13th.