Goodbye to Chelsea

Posted by: on Jun 5, 2012 | No Comments

Our favourite Londoners left our screens last night in the season finale of Made In Chelsea -but it didn’t end without fireworks.

This series we’ve been engulfed with the relationship switch involving Louise which triggered in the bromance breakdown of Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing. Cheska started a war with new character Kimberley (who we still can’t work out!), Millie and Rosie decided to become civil and Caggie went off to do a music tour but surprised us in the last episode with her meeting with old flame Spencer.. And that’s not even the half of it!

Also this week it was revealed that Spencer is taking the lead role in the upcoming show The Bachelor – a dating show which sees girls go against each other to win the bachelors heart.  So is this the end of him of Louise?

Speaking to new! Magazine Louise confirmed that they’d gone separate ways.”Me and Spencer obviously aren’t together, but we’re very close friends and we still talk a lot. He is single. He’s fully single. He wouldn’t be doing The Bachelor if he wasn’t because I wouldn’t allow it if we were together.”

The full interview is in new! magazine now.