Gossip Girl: The top OMG moments

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Since 2007 I have followed the lives of Upper East sides most scandalous elite. 6¬†Seasons has seen more OMG moments than a gossiper could ever hope for- induced by scandalous affairs, amazing dresses or hidden secrets becoming public news Gossip Girl has been the source of entertainment throughout my teens and early twenties- and I’m sure many of you will feel the same. Its the end of an era, so here at Gossipdrip we want to pay to homage to the beautiful bunch by reliving the most shocking and outrageous moments that had us screaming OMG at our TV screens…

Blair loses her virginity to Chuck in his limo after she seduces him by performing at the Victrola……Season 1



Dan Humphrey has an affair with their Constance teacher Ms.Carr and Blair Waldorf outs them! Season 2


Blair reveals that she knows Serena took Nate’s virgnity! Season 1

‘Lola’ is revealed as actress Ivy Dickens hired as an impersonator by Lily’s sister, Carol! Season 5

Serena’s wild child past is revealed at the end of Season 1 she says, “I killed someone” Season 1

Serena wows in THAT Jenny Packham dress…Season 4

Bart Bass is back from the dead! Season 5

Jenny Humphrey loses her virginity to Chuck Bass!  Season 3

Chuck Bass gets mugged for Blair’s engagement ring and shot! Season 3 finale

Blair marries Prince Louis but she still loves Chuck! Season 5

Socialite Juliet Sharp roofies and kidnaps Serena! Season 4

Georgina Sparks returns….and tricks Dan into believing baby Milo is his son! Season 4

Nate dates Diana Payne! Season 5

Chuck Bass finds his mum! Season 3


Anytime Chuck says, “I’m Chuck Bass”… *Swoon* Season 1 to 6

Chuck and Blair get married and have a baby Bass! Season 6 finale




There’s almost too many to mention- what is your top OMG moment from Gossip Girl? Let us know…xoxo