Gossipdrip hits Ghost The Musical on behalf of Nazila Love Glamour and Amazing PR

Posted by: on May 23, 2012 | No Comments

On behalf of Gossipdrip, I was lucky enough to attend my first ever beauty bloggers event in London at the weekend along with my lovely friend Siobhain, and boy was it amazing!!!

Nazila Love Glamour are an incredible nail company who teamed up with Godminster to host this brilliant event for beauty bloggers from all over the country to get together, have a gossip, enjoy some yummy cocktails and watch the absolutely astoundingly incredible musical that is Ghost.

When we arrived we were taken straight to the American Airlines Bar in Picadilly Theatre and greeted by the lovely lady at Amazing PR with some gorgeous champagne cocktails – not entirely sure what was in them, but gorgeous nevertheless. We were number 15 in the waiting list for the manicure so we had some time to chat with other bloggers and the creator of the bad boy nails on offer Nazila Malik.

I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like these nails in my life. Damn my years of nail biting! My nails are so ridiculously tiny that false nails are always difficult for me so Siobhain had the lovely opportunity of having her nails done. Worn by the likes of Amanda Holden and Binky from Made in Chelsea these nails really are something completely different to set you apart from the crowd. A real bling factor, and surprisingly lightweight despite what you may think.

Soon to be available online, these nails retail at £29.99 – and worth every penny. If you’re not a huge fan of the pointed tips but love the style, check out the squared tipped nails also available online (The GB style are AMAZING, and perfect for the upcoming Olympics).

After all the nail pampering, we were treated to a lovely little goody bag, containing the remainder of the nails we were yet to use, some lovely Nazila Love Glamour luxurious eyelashes which we shall definitely be trying when we next hit the town, a voucher for a set of nails and the Ghost: The Musical soundtrack CD. As the little musical geek I am, I got myself a programme and we went and settled in our AMAZING seats ready for the show.

All I can say is that it was incredible. Absolutely incredible, I loved every single second of it. I didn’t know the story beforehand as I have never seen the film, only the basics- but in my opinion that was probably the best way to go. I was shocked and stunned, upset and happy, laughing and crying – nearly all emotions that a show could give, it gave. A story of pure love, thrown in with crime and absolutely amazing acting. In my opinion, whilst the acting was brilliant from all, Sharon D Clarke stole the show, playing hilarious psychic Oda Mae Brown. She literally had me in stitches on several occassions. Brilliant actress.

And that wasn’t the end. We were lucky enough to go backstage, see the set, and meet the gorgeous Mark Evans who plays Sam Wheat, and the beautiful Siobhan Dillon who plays Molly Jensen.

Overall it was just an incredible, amazing, fun packed, exciting, relaxing, awesome evening and I am so grateful to Amazing PR, Nazila Love Glamour, Godminster, and of course the ever brilliant Gossipdrip for giving me this opportunity. Met some lovely fellow bloggers, felt like a real VIP, and saw what is a close contender for my top spot musical! All in all, a good night had by all, I would encourage everyone to go and see the show as you will love it!