Gossipdrip’s crush of the week: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Posted by: on Jul 24, 2012 | No Comments

So, after seeing the awesome third and final installment of the Batman trilogy I couldn’t continue my week without sharing my love for the gorgeous JGL.


Featuring as the fearless cop who befriends Batman- only to reveal at the end that his name is the infamous Robin, my long term crush kick started yet again.

Yes, again is right- I have been swooning over Joseph since I first spotted him in 10 things I hate about you as the awkward guy who gets the girl- but now he has really improved with age!

Not only is he hot stuff and a major cutie, he is an awesome actor. Check him out in: 50/50, Inception, 500 days of summer and Brick. Oh and he is bezzie mates with Zooey Deschanel and currently single- wait in line ladies!




Look out for JGL later this year in films: Premium Rush and Looper [due for release this autumn]