Graduate Collection: Young Blood

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If you’re a regular Gossipdrip reader you’ll know that we love to promote young talent and upcoming brands. So, we were super excited when we heard about recent MA graduate Mayada Khammu and her Spring/Summer 2013 collection, YOUNG BLOOD. The collection is powerful, stylish and wearable with pieces that embody the complex tapestry of the lives of women, with a strong affiliation with the lives of British-Arab women.

YOUNG BLOOD is a reflection of the political voice of these 2nd generation British-Arabs. As the dictators had their rise in the 80s, their fall is now with the Arab Spring, as the young generation is fighting against the old constraints and shaping a new reality. This collection tells the tale of the New Age nomad, with roots in two different worlds. “We want to hold on to our Arabic culture, while at the same time moving forward with the times,” says May. The modern and the traditional are represented through the contemporary shapes, conventional techniques and detailing.

For her MA graduate collection at Kingston University, Mayada Khammu, 24,  was inspired by young Arabs living in the UK; their culture, their mission to be heard and their way of dressing.

Mayada has stated that in order to move forward, one must know their past – the essence of the collection. Traditional Bedouin techniques are re-used in the collection as a reflection on the Arabic culture, as is the colour palette of black and gold mixed with a taste of acid toned print – a nod to the colorful interior of the Bedouin tents.

The important meanings of jewellery and concealing costume of the Bedouin woman is reinterpreted for the girl who can show her own identity through the way she dresses. The sexual repression of the Arabic women in the past is represented through the use of strapping and harnesses, while over sized woven jackets [one of our favourite pieces from the collection] serve as a cover from the world.

The collection challenges the conventional norms of the masculine and the feminine by incorporating original fetish materials such as latex in masculine shapes.“This is a representation of how women are equal to men,” explains May. YOUNG BLOOD is about creating ones own identity.

It’s clear that this MA fashion graduate has a lot to offer and we look forward to seeing the progression of a fantastic collection that represents female empowerment in the most stylish of ways.





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