Harry Styles discusses Grimmy friendship and being bisexual…

Posted by: on Jul 30, 2013 | No Comments

Harry Styles has been in the spotlight over one of his relationships in recent months. However it isn’t a girlfriend that has thrust his private life back into the spotlight. It’s his friendship with Radio 1 breakfast DJ, Nick Grimshaw.

Nick, although he has been openly gay for a few years, never really commented on his sexuality until recently – around the same time he became pally with Harry. In an interview with GQ, Harry put an end to the rumours once and for all saying, “We’re not dating, no. We’re just friends.” He even claimed he hadn’t heard the rumours before!

Harry was also quizzed about his sexuality and if he may be bisexual. The question appeared to take the womaniser by surprise as he exclaimed, “Bisexual? Me? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’m not.’

Bisexual or not, we love Harry whatever!