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Photo: Mario Testino

Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding in April was this year’s most anticipated event. Billions watched live from their television screens, and billions followed the couple’s story long after their big day. Kate has become a style fashion icon, and in my opinion, ‘rebranded’ the Royal Family and everything it stands for.

This idea originated from a talk given by Mark Borkowski last Monday at the HandPicked Media event in London. The Royal Wedding has become a publicity achievement for the Royal Family, whether  intended or not. Through Kate Middleton, the younger generation have become more interested in Royal affairs and feel as if they can relate to a woman that, who one day will be our Queen, lived a fairly ‘normal’ lifestyle, and continues to shop in Topshop.

Media has enhanced this status- you only have to do a search on “fashion” and “Kate” to realise her marketing potential as a fashion icon.

But should traditional Royal values be maintained? Or should we embrace this new vision of a modernising institution? Leave a comment and let us know what you think?