“He deserves better” – Katy Perry Speaks out on R-Patz & K-Stew

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Katy Perry has made clear her feeling towards Kristen Stewart and her affair with director Rupert Sanders.

Katy and Rob may seem like an unlikely friendship but the two have been close friends for years. Sources say the pair grew even closer when she offered the Twilight hunk a shoulder to cry on when rumours of Kristen’s affair first hit. One source said, “she felt like she could help him and relate after what she experienced with Russell.”

The friends back in 2010

However when Rob went back to Kristen, Katy made her feelings clear. Without holding back she told Rob the relationship wouldn’t withstand the affair rumours and he shouldn’t date a woman capable of destroying a family. Apparently she told him “he deserved better.”

Rob and Kristen officially split when Rob discovered a text on Kristen’s phone from ex-flame Rupert. The split occurred on – wait for it – ROB’S BIRTHDAY. Rob, why didn’t you call?! We could have given you a birthday kiss better!