“He just can’t help himself!” – Spencer’s booty call to Caggie

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He may have only just split from Lucy Watson but it seems Spencer Matthews has already been making booty calls to ex-flame Caggie Dunlop.

Caggie has said in the past there will always be something there between herself and Spencer.

Caggie spilled the beans at Thursday’s Yahoo! Wireless Festival launch party, revealing that Spencer had called up her to break the news of his infidelity himself. Of course, Caggie already knew (who didn’t!) but confessed she pretended that she didn’t already know of the scandal. “Well, he called me yesterday and I pretended I didn’t know! I was like ‘How’s everything with Lucy?’

Caggie admits she was surprised that he cheated on Lucy, adding she thought he was ‘pretty into her.’ Despite being surprised at his misdemeanor, Cags doesn’t think Spencer will change his cheating ways. “He just can’t help himself!” she explained.

However, it appears Spencer tried to sweet talk Caggie during the phone call by assuring her he would never cheat on her if they were together to which Caggie cheekily replied, “He can say he would never do that to me because I would never go out with him. We won’t be going out anytime soon.”

We STILL don’t think a relationship between the pair is off the cards just yet…!