Helen Flanagan failing yet another trial

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Helen Flanagan (© Rex)

Saturday night’s episode of ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here saw Helen Flanagan fail to even attempt her fifth Bushtucker trial, winning zero meals for her eleven fellow camp mates.

To the audience at home and the other participants of the show it would seem that the ex-Corrie star barely attempted the ‘Rodent Run’ trail. Both and Ant and Dec tried to calm the 22-year-old, explaining that all she needed to do was stay on the giant hamster wheel whilst (harmless) meal worms were dropped onto her, allowing her to win two stars. Unfortunately their advice was quickly ignored as Helen shouted “I really don’t want to do this, please let me out, I’m freaking out.”

On returning to camp Helen announced her failure, admitting that she barely tried and showing little remorse. Her camp mates quickly began to question her reasoning behind coming to the jungle. Eric Bristow commented, “I don’t know why you’re in here if you don’t like insects and bugs and animals and things like that and you come into a jungle. What did you think you were going to do in here, drink milkshakes?”,  to which Helen replied with a giggle and a shrug of the shoulders.

She later took to the Bush Telegraph. Tired, hungry and emotional she sobbed, “I just feel they are all turning against me.” However, it seems the public cannot get enough of her feeble attempts, voting her for Sunday nights live Bushtucker trial.

Should the star be questioning her decision to take part in the show? Are you tiring of her lack-lustre efforts?