Hot New Thing: Diego Boneta

Posted by: on Jun 18, 2012 | No Comments

He’s been tipped to be the next Zac Efron and takes a lead role in the musical blockbuster ‘Rock of Ages.’  He has been praised by both fans and critics for his performance in the film and his singing abilities, but just who is Diego Boneta?

Diego, also known as Diego González, is Mexican and speaks both Spanish and English fluently (do his talents ever end?!) Diego is already a star in his home country having appeared on various TV shows. He’s also released two albums, one of which was also released in Brazil meaning Diego broadened his language skill set to include Portuguese songs too. Diego writes his own songs and his hard work has earned him two Latin Grammy nominations and two Latin MTV Award nominations. Any beady-eyed readers may recognise him from ‘Mean Girls 2’ (yes that did happen) where he played the role of hottie Tyler Adams. Oh, by the way, all this and Diego is still only 21!

Despite being such a huge star across Latin America, Diego manages to remain grounded and cites his experience in ‘Rock of Ages’ as, “a dream come true.” What a sweetheart! He also tells of his time working with well respected actors and describes Alec Baldwin as “hilarious” and Tom Cruise as a “machine.”

The future is looking even brighter than his past. After his audition for ‘Rock of Ages,’ director Adam Shankman dubbed Diego as “the new Zac Efron” and let’s face it, he should know! Diego’s talents have also been honoured by CinemaCon who gave him their 2012 Rising Star Award. He’s also working on his third album with the help of Adam Levine (Maroon 5) alongside shooting new MTV comedy, ‘Underemployed.’

And now for the important part…Diego has confirmed that he is in fact SINGLE! Judging by recent praise and successes, we think, hope and wish that we shall be seeing a lot more of him!

Catch Diego in ‘Rock of Ages’ now! Showing at cinemas across the country.