How cringe!? TOWIE’s Gemma Collins has a major make-up malfunction

Posted by: on Aug 2, 2012 | One Comment

Does anyone remember when Bridget Jones gets herself in a fluster before an event with Mark Darcey and she accidentally applies waayyy to much blusher?


It happens to everyone! Renee Zellweger's Bridget Jones made the same error in the movie after hastily applying her make-up en route to an event

Well, poor Gemma Collins- who is arguably TOWIE’s answer to Bridget Jones- fell victim to the exact same mistake on a recent night out in Essex!


'Normal girls make mistakes!' Gemma Collins has now explained her make-up error from last night, adding that she had used her blusher in place of face powder

At first glimpse you might think the curvy blonde is a little sunburnt- but we all know these girls love their tans one way only- fake!

But Gemma tweet to confirm that she did in fact make a faux-pas:

‘Note to all girls know the difference between powder and blusher lol #normalgirlsmakemistakes x’
Major cringe! How comes the rest of her cast mates didn’t tell her? Miaow.