How to get big beautiful hair!

Posted by: on Dec 1, 2012 | No Comments

Transform into your superhero alter-ego with L’Oréal Professionnel TecniArt Super Dust. No more hang ups about flat, lifeless hair that doesn’t last more than hour after you style it! No more lugging cans of hairspray out on the town; all you need is this tiny little bottle of super dust!

For years and years I have tried to find a product that gives my hair volume and a product that lasts the whole day or evening, from back combing to using the strongest hairsprays, to having short layers cut in my hair, nothing seems to give my hair the volume it needs. Until I stumbled across this product, I cannot express how fantastic it is; I have very flat hair and by just putting a tiny bit of this product in at my roots and rubbing it in, my hair was big and beautiful. It gave my hair a great shape and best of all it lasted all day! I would advise to still back comb slightly when using this product just helps you gain even more height and volume!

Tips: Make sure you use this product when your hair is dry. I find it easier to use a comb to part sections on each side of my head and also some sections at the back and then slowly tap it onto the roots. You will see the super dust fall onto your head; you really don’t need to use a lot of product either which is always a plus! Just rub it in, and if you want to create more volume backcomb slightly, and then away you go with big beautiful hair.
Online price is £10