In 2012 we wore…..

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We’ve compiled the top trends that every fashion forward girl rocked throughout 2012. We’re not talking high end, we’re talking high street: trends, fads and essentials that everyone from Topshop to Primark, ASOS to Zara cottoned onto and gave us their unique take of.  The trends that you would have seen on fashion blogs around the UK. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing camo jackets, leather sleeves, army greens teamed with creepers and dip dyed locks from blonde to pastel hues. And, thank the lord [or more specifically American Apparel] for the go-to uber flattering trouser of the year: The Disco pant. Dresses were longer and tops were cropped.  2012 was the year of minimalism, geek chic, grunge revival and a nod to the nineties all with a girly twist and a dash of gothic glam.


2012 trends

Which trends did you buy into this year? Have we missed one of your favourites? Let us know in the comment box below…..