JanChristie Nail Art Stickers

Posted by: on May 1, 2012 | No Comments

With shatter polishes, nail art pens, glitter varnishes and 1 second miracle polish removers hitting the high street recently, one thing that is set to be huge this spring/summer is definitely nail art.

Nails are generally overlooked when it comes to make up and beauty and most of us will just paint one coat of colour and leave them be. But this season sees many people breaking boundaries when it comes to their nails and instead of just using one colour, creating designs; it seems that the easier, the better. And JanChristie certainly makes nail art easy.

First started in September 2011, friends Mandie and Christine started making personal nail art stickers for themselves and after many compliments from friends they decided to sell some via eBay. Now, the pair are setting up their own website which is due to be “born” sometime on May the 1st.

With designs ranging from flowers to cats and from dogs to butterflies there’s certainly a set of nail art stickers that will take your fancy. They’re exceptionally easy to use – all you have to do is is cut to size, peel the sticker off of the paper, apply to the nail and set with a clear varnish/top coat of your choice.

All of the designs are 100% original too as the pictures are taken or created by the pair themselves so that they do not run into any copyright problems. As well as creating wonderful stickers the brand is also quite charitable. Some of the dog nail art images are taken at the Chancepixies Animal Rescue centre in Dover which is a place that they support. If the dogs are still looking for homes it will be mentioned in the description!