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Gossipdrip had the joy of talking to the talented John Adams who made his mark on the music industry from appearing on the X Factor last year. Since then, he’s strived forward to his goal of being a successful musician, and has released his first single ‘Nowhere To Hide’. We caught up with the star to hear about his adventure since he left the show and what the future holds…


You melted our hearts on your first audition on the X Factor last year. How did you find your experience on the show?

Aww thank you. The beginning of the process was absolutely surreal, it was literally like being in a TV screen. The set and the process was so familiar it felt like you had been there a million times but at the same time there were nerves and adrenaline that I had never experienced!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and the judges comments filled me with determination and confidence for the next stage. Bootcamp was amazing; we had the chance to be up and close with the celebrities and to make great friends with all the other contestants. Sharing similar feelings seemed to bring you close really quickly. On the other hand it was such a difficult week- with very little sleep and permanently on the edge of my emotional tether! Let’s just say it was a long and emotional train journey home!!!


What gave you the courage to leave the Valleys and your teaching career behind towards a career in music? Is it what you’ve always wanted to do?

It was difficult to recover from boot-camp but a few weeks later my audition was aired. The response from the public was so touching and the encouragement was phenomenal. Even now whenever I am feeling a little frustrated I read through all the lovely comments.  What really made me wonder about my career the most is that when I sang “Cannonball” it re-entered the charts in a higher position than ever before, for the first time ever in chart history. I carried on as a teacher for a few months but my desire to succeed through my own music  was becoming too strong. I have always enjoyed singing but never dreamt that this decision would ever be possible.
Why is James Morrison your biggest inspiration?

He is just a legend- his lyrics describe exactly how I have felt at a particular moment and he has such an emotional vocal. I also admire how he doesn’t surround himself by the celebrity rat-race; he is just totally respected for his talents. He released a song called “One Life” this year which was another catalyst to me leaving my teaching job: “You’ve only got one life so make sure you live it right”.
What were the thoughts behind your single ‘Nowhere To Hide’?

It is about being in a relationship where you know that the other person is treating you bad but you love them so much you are just happy to be any part of their life, rather than none at all. You feel as if you can’t leave them but the only person stopping you is yourself. It’s not a personal experience but I have seen so many people in similar relationships. I would just leave!!!

We think the song is great. Have you got any more in store for us?

YES definitely. I have a team of musicians to work with now and we are slowly but surely working on songs for an album. If I’m honest songwriting was totally new for me and on reflection “Nowhere to Hide” doesn’t really represent the direction I would like to go in- but it’s had a positive review and I’m really glad you like it. I can’t wait to produce a song that I am really proud of and can share with all my lovely fans that have supported me so well!!

Tell us about your experience at Enjoy Festival.

The festival was fantastic, for once it was sunny in Wales and the crowd were really enjoying themselves. I love performing at festivals to true music lovers. I also met some pretty amazing acts too and had a bit of backstage ping pong!!!  We have plenty of other festivals coming up this summer which I’ll announce on Twitter & Facebook when it is confirmed!!! I cant wait!!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

That’s a real tough one!! I have had so many great experiences and made so many new friends, finding opportunities that I had never dreamed of. I really can’t decide but I know for sure that the last six months have been a highlight of my life and it’s all thanks to the people that have supported me since the show. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and will do everything I can to make them proud. We have started calling them the ‘Adams Family’ and it really does feel like I have a huge family- I love them all!!!

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