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After Jodie Marsh took to her twitter page to provide an intimate picture of her and BFF Kirk Norcross – it poses the question: can it be possible that male and females can just be friends?

‘Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.’


This key argument sprung up in the hit 80’s film where the duo Harry and Sally try to avoid their temptation to remain just friends.

And that definitely doesn’t seem the case for these celebrity friends.


Ex-TOWIE star happily laid with Jodie to endure in taking photographs of the couple kissing whilst posing for the camera.


Jodie even outlined one of the captions as ‘Kirk is being a naughty boy;)’


As well as pictures, the pair continued to banter across the social network, with no intention of keeping anything hidden.


So whether the couple are simply acquaintances or not, we can’t help but become a little jealous of the Marsh seeing Mark Wright’s pal in all his glory.