Is Kate Middleton in labour?

Posted by: on Jul 15, 2013 | No Comments

Prince Harry’s popular Facebook fan page left Royalists confused, happy and angry early Monday evening after announcing it had heard Kate Middleton had gone into labour with her first child. The fan page broke the news around 17:45GMT prompting a flood of congratulatory comments. However, after an hour had passed and no further news reported, Facebook trolls began to question the accuracy of the report.

Many wondered how the fan page’s administrators would be able to get hold of such information before anyone else. The page administrators are two girls believed to be from Spain. It is not thought that they are based in England, nor have any link to the Royal family, yet their fan page has amassed over one million likes.

Rumours of Kate going into labour also circulated last Thursday evening when a helicopter was seen leaving St. James Palace, so we’re not holding our breath just yet!

Kate and William’s child will become the Prince or Princess of Cambridge and a popular tip with the bookies has been that the newborn baby will be a girl named Alexandra.

More as it happens…