Lady Gaga cracks on Twitter after Perez Hilton enters her apartment block

Posted by: on Aug 18, 2013 | No Comments

Lady Gaga went into meltdown on Twitter after fans tweeted her that celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, was in her apartment building.

Perez has been accused of bullying Gaga after posting over 10 tweets/Facebook statuses in the same day, highlighting the ‘poor record sales’ of her new single, Applause. After being seen in Gaga’s apartment block, she labelled him a stalker and said he was obsessive.

Lady Gaga was first concerned by a tweet from fan named YUNG NETUNUS on Twitter who claimed Perez was in her empty apartment. He later corrected himself by saying Perez was actually just in the apartment lobby. Gaga picked up the message on Twitter and asked the fan to go into the building to tell the security to take Perez away from the premises. The security were already aware of the situation and Perez had been escorted from the building.

After the incident Lady Gaga posted two tweets showing the strain of constantly living in the limelight. She pleaded with the Twittersphere to be treated like a human being.

It is not clear why Perez was in the building although one of Lady Gaga’s little monsters noted that there was an apartment for sale so Perez could have simply been viewing an apartment. Many other protective fans believe he was there to confront Gaga.

Perez and Gaga enjoyed a close friendship until February this year when their relationship soured for reasons unknown.