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 After watching Sam and Lauren’s heated dispute in this week’s TOWIE we felt the need to address the situation, as it represents the behavour of several bitter ex girlfriends and boyfriends amongst ourselves.

Whilst we can understand Lauren’s agony in seeing her ex fiance kiss another woman, her behaviour has quite frankly showed her up to be a bunny boiler. Her take on Lauren Conrad’s quote “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you” only adds  to the irony of the situation for in every episode, her conversation is dominated by her and Mark’s failed relationship and how much she detests her ex fiance. If she was really “over” her ex she would be enjoying life and ignoring the budding relationship between him and Sam. As a strong and gracious woman the best way to make your ex realise what he is missing is by rising above the situation.

Sam has not flaunted her relationship with Mark infront of Lauren and her outburst towards Lauren on Wednesday was completely justified. Sam isn’t “desperate”. Her declaration of her love to Mark in a previous episode was actually quite heart warming, and Sam and Mark are far more suited than him and Lauren, clearly highlighted in their ability to have fun together, something we can’t quite remember going on between Mark and Lauren.

Lauren, you have so much going for you- so move on!