Liam Payne vs. Boy George: It’s A Twitter War

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Boy George with his niece at The BRITs on Wednesday

Never one to shy away from controversy, Boy George has singled out One Direction’s Liam Payne and sparked a war of words with the singer over Twitter. (As if it would be anywhere else.)

So, George claims that Liam refused to have a photo taken with his niece at The BRITs on Wednesday night:

‘Top marks to Harry Styles for stopping for a picture with my niece and B*llox’s to Liam and the disrespectful w**ker of a minder!’

He then also broke every One Direction fan’s heart and said: ‘I reckon Harry Styles will leave One Direction! You heard it here first!’

The One Direction boys celebrate their win at The BRITs on Wednesday

However, Liam took the social networking site to tell what actually happened give his version of events (bold highlights are our favourite parts): ‘@BoyGeorge now now boy lets not tell porkies firstly thanks for getting my name wrong three times secondly then asking me where is liam?… Akward (sic) then when you finally got it right saying you wanted Niall instead. if you would have asked me for a picture i would have stopped bro. I just did what you said and pointed niall out for you so u just keep wearing ur strange hats and enjoy yourself my little Georgie pie… It’s still not cool you just look wierd (sic).”

Amazing. Liam 1 – Boy Georgie pie 0.