Lily Allen: It’s a girl! Singer has second baby today!

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Lily Allen pregnant

Lily Back in November showing off her bump


Of course the first question on everyone’s lips is what kind of celeb-appropriate shocker/winner of a name has she given her little bundle of joy? We’re pleased to announce that the singer has named her daughter Marnie Rose! Aw, how cute. But perhaps even cuter, Sam and Lily’s eldest daughter Ethel, 14 months, now has a baby sister to banish away those January blues – we’re sure all Coopers are delighted with the new arrival!

Lily has already thanked her supportive fans by tweeting on Thursday, ‘quite overwhelmed by all the well-wishing going on. Thank you everybody.’ @lilyrosecooper

And as with every birth, mother Lily paid her respects to the spicy delight that is a curry, tweeting on 4th January, ‘3rd curry this week… #cosywomb.’ Perhaps a strong masala got things moving along in the Cooper household!

As fate would have it, Baby Cooper shares her birthday with David Bowie and Elvis Presley, so who knows, perhaps Marnie Cooper will – one day – join their ranks, put on her blue suede shoes and sing us a good ol’ song- its in her genes after all!

Don’t expect to see baby Marnie anytime soon- Lily’s first baby Ethel has been kept underwraps with Lily stating its for the child’s “mental state” and she’s not “public property”.

Lily was pregnant with baby Ethel on her wedding day in 2011

Lily has tweeted saying she plans to only spend these first few days of 2013 pregnant- she feels she’s be pregnant for the last 3 years! Could this mean a comeback is on the cards again?


Congrats Lily!