Little Label Love: Pai Organic Skincare

Posted by: on Sep 4, 2012 | One Comment

Here at Gossipdrip we have recently discovered the delights of Organic, Vegan and sensitive-skin friendly cosmetic range Pai Skincare. This lovely up and coming brand is perfect for sensitive skin- something that many of us suffer from but can never quite identify the source of the problem. The entire range is chemical, alcohol and irritant free with everything written in plain English so that you can tell exactly what you are putting on your face and body.

If you are looking for a holistic approach to your daily skincare routine, Pai is the brand for you. With the chilly autumnal days beginning to creep up on us as winter looms ’tis the season that is the most harsh on your skin. Cold weather, central heating and dehydrating coffees and teas are the recipe for sensitive faces. Grab your Pai products now in order to prep and preen yourselves!

With over 2 million people in the UK sensitized to one or more ingredients in their cosmetics, finding clean, gentle and high performance products has never been more important.

The exquisite Pai collection is made from only the highest grade, natural-active ingredients with proven therapeutic properties.

Pai provides an alternative to synthetic based products without compromising on the high performance required for radiant skin; an ethos that has won over a host of A-list supporters including Natalie Portman.

Founded in 2007, Pai is the brainchild of ex-PR guru Sarah Brown, who created the range after years of battling skin allergies.

Sarah says: “I struggled to find any skincare products that I could tolerate and became increasingly disillusioned with the number of beauty products claiming to be ‘organic’ that weren’t certified and still contained a raft of harsh chemicals and irritants.”

“I came to the task of creating Pai with the mindset of a frustrated consumer and fixed all the things that bothered me about other products I’d tried on my sensitized skin and rejected.”

Six years on and Pai has become an international brand, receiving stellar write-ups from beauty journalists across the globe and bringing skin confidence to thousands of sensitive souls every day.

Pai’s premium collection cares for the face and body. Some products leave a matte finish and can be worn with make-up.

Their best-sellers include:

Chamomile & Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream (RRP £24, 30ml) Bursting with skin-benefiting goodness, this gentle yet effective moisturiser soothes and protects sensitive skin, resulting in a clear, healthy and radiant complexion.

 Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream (RRP £22, 200ml) Light, buttery and intensely hydrating, the healing and regenerative powers of this luxurious body cream leave skin feeling soft, supple and refreshed.

The range is full of beautiful, hydrating, natural smelling products that leave your skin feeling clean, nourished and fresh.

Pai is available at, you can also follow the brand @PaiSkincare