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Gossipdrip had the pleasure of speaking to the adorable 19-year-old Lucien Laviscount, who made his name by playing Jonah Kirby in BBC’s Waterloo Road, and by appearing in Coronation Street and Celebrity Big Brother. Lucien is now embarking on his music career and his first single Dance With You (released on 22nd April) is a collaboration with US hip-hop star Mann. We caught up with the heartthrob ahead of the single’s release…

Hi Lucien! How are you?

Hi Gossipdrip! I’m good thank you, but I think I’ve got the flu. I’ve been really busy with rehearsals and stuff and I think it’s all caught up with me unfortunately.

Oh no! That’s bad timing with the release of your single Dance With You on Youtube (watch it below!) How does it feel seeing your video online?

Yeah it’s not good, and I’ve never had flu before! I’m really excited with it.  We’re all just in limbo at the moment worrying if people will like the song, but I’ve had great feedback from fans so I’m really happy.

We know you mainly as an actor- what made you head into music? Have you always wanted to be a singer?

I’ve always loved music and as a kid I was always singing round the bedroom and messing about with music. I love the way it can tell a story and completely change your emotions. I’m always singing when I’m doing something and my manager was like ‘you know what Lucien, you’re actually really good’ and we thought let’s head into a studio and just try it out really.

Your song features US artist Mann. How did that one happen?

Well it was all coincidence to be honest! Me and my manager were at the Urban Music Awards and Mann was performing and we loved it. My manager went and spoke to him while I just sat at the table thinking ‘don’t get too ahead of yourself Lucien’! Then at the MOBO awards I presented an award and we just happened to share the same dressing room –and it all went from there. I kept telling myself ‘this is insane’ – Mann’s there with his entourage and then there’s just me, a 19-year-old from Burnley!

We love the way the video for Dance With You features your celeb friends (Matt Di Angelo and Blue to name a few) – who would be your dream celebrity to star with you?

Ha! Oh I don’t know!

Cheryl Cole?

I don’t think anyone would say no to Cheryl Cole! I love a bit of Denzel Washington, or Leonardo DiCaprio. Ooh and Will Smith he’s cool, wow imagine if I could have a video with those guys in!

You were the first person to be signed to Simon Webbe’s new record label SK records, what’s it like to work with him?

Yeah, it’s really good. Simon and business partners Karan and Preeti are a great team and they’re like family to me. My manager Zac and everyone are so supportive and are guiding me through. I’m still learning everything and they’re all teaching me the ropes.

So you’ve joined forces with US hip-hop rapper Mann on your new track, and as Mann has collaborated with people like 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg – we can’t help but wonder if you would consider shortening your name down to something similar?

Haha what’s wrong with Lucien! Is Lucien Laviscount a really long name then?

Well it is a bit of a handful! What about… erm… Luci-Lav?

Ha I sound like a toilet! Hmm, L-Lav? My full name is Lucien Leon Laviscount so I could be ‘Triple L’, yeah Triple L!

Love it! So Mann has previously reached the number one spot in the US charts, how would you celebrate if you reached no.1 in the UK?

Wow that would be amazing! I’d go to a beach in Brazil and party hard, and of course take the whole team with me. The song really is a team effort and I’d have to say a huge thank you to everyone. I’ve got such amazing fans and I’m so privileged to have them so I’d have to say thank you to them somehow.

Well we think the song is fab, are you planning to carry on acting or are you going to focus solely on the music?

Ahhh, well acting has always been a passion of mine and I’ve been doing it since I was a kid so I could never leave it. I love music and if the fans enjoy the song then I hope to do both- music and acting. Why not, I absolutely love doing both!

What’s next in the pipeline? Are you planning on an album or a tour?

We’ve got quite a few songs that we’ve done in the studio but we’ve just got to see how the first song goes. If people like the song then hopefully get an album together. Fingers crossed! But at the moment I’m just seeing how everything goes, I’m a hard worker and love singing so it would be amazing to make a whole album.