Lucile Lingerie Press Day

Posted by: on May 1, 2012 | No Comments

Gossipdrip were lucky enough to be invited along to the press launch of one of Britain’s most legendary fashion brands, Lucile, as they return with a stunning AW12 lingerie collection.

Camilla Blois, the great great granddaughter of Lucile founder Lady Duff Gordon, has wonderfully revitalised her predecessor’s beautiful designs with two collections: The Duchess of Warwick and The Queen of Spain. The inspiration and flare for each of these ranges stems from Lady Duff Gordon’s most famous clients, and Camilla says that she wanted each collection to embody the spirit of these fearless females.

Both of these collections embrace the femininity and grace of Lady Duff Gordon’s original designs, while the deep red silk of the Queen of Spain invokes passion, the romantic gowns of the Duchess of Warwick seductively radiates elegance. We love how the collections capture the true essence of each woman’s soul, evoking power and fearlessness, whilst keeping it understatedly sexy.

The divine detail of each of the Lucile pieces, whether it be the gorgeous Georgette Gown or the luscious Lace Plunge Bras, show the intricate craftsmanship put into this proudly British brand. Each piece is dripped in rosebuds, velvet bows and delicate lace – so every woman can feel like the royalty each collection was inspired by!

I have to say, I fell head over heels for the beautifully crafted bridal collection – the blush pinks, mixed with the creams had an extremely sumptuous feel, a luxury every woman should experience on her wedding day.

As I left the boutique, Camilla commented that she loved my neon pink nails – who knows, maybe hot hues will prevail in a future lingerie range?

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