Lucy and Jess suspended from TOWIE after catfight with Jasmin!

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When we saw Lucy Mecklenburgh chuck a glass of red wine over Mario Falcone in last week’s The Only way is Marbs episode, we thought that was as dramatic as it gets when it came to their relationship saga. But how wrong we were!

Ouch: Jasmin Walia was seen leaving James Argent's house on Wednesday with two bandages on It seems that Lucy had a bone to pick with TOWIE newcomer Jasmin Walia, who was seen flirting with the lothario in Marbella. At the time Lucy had told Jasmin that she was “welcome to him”, but at Arg’s barbeque on Wednesday things turned nasty.

Apparently an explosive argument erupted between Lucy, Jasmin and Jessica Wright which resulted in Jasmin getting injured. A source has said:

“The row was getting out of hand and way beyond the usual handbags that go on on the show.”

“A producer decided he had to act and dashed in to break it up.”

A crew member was seen with blood on his hands and pictures show Jasmin leaving the barbeque with two bandages on her arm.

We’re not entirely sure what exactly happened (or why Jess got involved?!) but producers opted not to show the fight on TV. However a spokesman has said that “While our investigations continue, producers have informed Jessica and Lucy that they will not be filming”. Oh dear!

Come on ladies, what happened to female solidarity? This is only giving Mario a bigger ego as we’re sure he LOVES having a group of girls scrapping over him!