Lucy Claims Spencer Cheated EIGHT Times

Posted by: on Jul 8, 2013 | No Comments

Lucy Watson has revealed that she believes love rat Spencer Matthews cheated on her eight times during their short lived relationship.

You should never trust a man who kisses with their eyes open...

Lucy initially dumped Spencer at the beginning of June after discovering, via Twitter, that he had done the dirty on her while on holiday in Greece. However Lucy now thinks he strayed away eight times despite them only spending eight nights apart during the time they were together. She also suspects he cheated on her during the day while she was working.

Although Lucy cannot confirm the number of times Spencer cheated, she does know he cheated more than once. The first time being just days after they got together. “He’s now admitted to me that he actually cheated on me in Barcelona, where he’d invited me to ask me to be his girlfriend. We’d only been together for three days.”

It seems the cheat is also quite clumsy as Spencer managed to lose his passport on the day he was due to fly home from Barcelona with Lucy. Spencer stayed in Spain while Lucy returned to England. In that time he managed to go out, get drunk and sleep with someone else. Lucy spat, “…he has some form of problem – I’m just not sure what it is.”

We think Spencer may be giving ex-Lothario Russell Brand a run for his money…