Lucy Watson Nabs Louise Thompson’s Job!

Posted by: on Jun 5, 2013 | No Comments

Lucy poses on set

As if having Louise’s boyfriend was not enough, Lucy Watson has stolen Louise’s modelling gig too! Lucy has landed a campaign with the Manchester based label, Gorgeous Couture. She replaces Made in Chelsea co-star and love rival Louise as the face of the label.

Louise's shoot was decidedly less glamourous

Everyone’s favourite reality TV bad girl revealed on Twitter recently that she was in Ibiza doing some modelling work. However this week she uploaded a ‘selfie’ with a tweet that said, “In hair and make-up for @GorgeousCouture new collection!” As well as luxury location for the shoot, Lucy also had team of stylists, make up artists and hairdressers to preen her to perfection.

Insiders admit the campaign is a lot more glam than Louise’s – who posed in front a Spanish police car. It’s also set to be a lot sexier too. Lucy was photographed modelling a nude swimsuit while Louise mainly modelled maxi dresses.

Hours after Lucy uploaded a sneak peek of the shoot to Twitter, Louise tweeted a snide retort saying, “Photoshootin’ it up #cringe.” Looks like there is no love lost between the pair!