Made In Chelsea: Bros before Hoes?

Posted by: on May 8, 2012 | No Comments

After the explosion on the latest Made In Chelsea episode,  Jamie’s best friend stole back his girlfriend. Who would you forgive?

On the latest episode Louise left her current beau to go on holiday to Dubai with a group of friends to celebrate her birthday. One of her friends was Spencer, her ex boyfriend and Jamie’s best friend.

From previous episodes it was clear to see the tension between the love triangle, as it seemed that the love hadn’t been lost between the ex-relationship. During the holiday, Spencer/Louise did the unthinkable and hooked up behind Jamie’s back.

A recent survey from The Guardian showed that between 30-40% of people in a long-term relationship cheat on their partners.

So what are we supposed to do in Jamie’s situation? Could we contemplate even speaking to Louise after such disrespect, and could we forgive our best friend for stealing the person we love?  We still love you Jamie!

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