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Did you ever have one of those mood rings when you were younger? Well the beauty industry has invented their own form of mood ring in lipstick and gloss form. Okay, the colour doesn’t change from a fiery red when your angry to a pretty pink when you are happy, but they do adapt to the pH level of your lips to create a unique colour!

Smashbox was one of the first companies to use this form of technology with their ‘O-Glow’  cheek tint and ‘O-Gloss‘  (both available in a set for £30) for lips. If Smashbox is a little too pricey, try Topshop’s new lipstick called Crystal, which is from their beautiful new collection ‘Sister’s of  the New Moon’ which is £9.

Pixi also has it’s own pH adpating lip product named, Tinker Bell Magic Tink Tint Lip Gloss (£12), a mouth-full I know, but the packaging has a pretty flower detailing along with a tiny Tinker Bell and the formula is lovely and moisturising.

So try these ‘magic’ products out, you never know what your colour could be!

Smashbox is available at Debenhams stores and online at Topshop Crystal is available to purchase in store or online at and Pixi is sold in Boots, on and their website