Marc Anthony And Chloe Green Are Dating!

Posted by: on Feb 27, 2013 | No Comments

That’s right folks. Chloe Green and Marc Anthony are officially dating, and they ¬†made their love public during a trip to Disneyland in Californ.I.A on Tuesday. And don’t think that this is just a fling – things are clearly hotting up between the pair as Chloe has been introduced to Marc’s five-year-old twins Max and Emme, who joined them for their family day out.

And as for the dreaded ‘meet the parent’s scenario, well Marc doesn’t have to worry because Chlo’s papa Philip Green (recognise the name? Yes, owner of Topshop) and him have been friends for years. Chloe and Marc’s ex J-Lo are even friendly, having been photographed wining and dining, and chilling on Phil’s Lionchase yacht in the French Riviera (oh how the other half live…)

However, despite the 23-year-age gap between them, is anyone else more concerned that she wore double denim on their Disneyland date?