MelikaM: seeking out fashion that echoes and enhances her passion for life

Posted by: on Mar 1, 2012 | No Comments

What we love to find here at Gossipdrip are the little fashion gems that are yet to be discovered. MelikaM has been featured in the worthy Drapers magazine and is currently stocked across London boutiques and on ASOS’ marketplace, but we feel it’s potential needs to be noticed further. MelikaM pays great attention to detail with her classic cuts and up to date flavor, with every item being affordable, ranging from £50-£100. We feel that MelikaM truely  brings an original essence to the high street- just take a look at that Cheryl Cole worthy Katrina skirt (top right) for only £65!

 “The MelikaM woman appreciates attention to detail and classic cuts with an up-to-date flavor. The collection complements her natural confidence and playful attitude. She  and likes to feel at ease, knowing that, by wearing a MelikaM design, she is guaranteed to look and feel amazing.”