MIC’s Lucy & Spencer on the Rocks?

Posted by: on Jun 12, 2013 | No Comments

It looks like Chelsea mean girl, Lucy Watson might not even be able to tame the country’s poshest bad boy, Spencer Matthews. 

Lucy attended Wednesday evening’s ‘Man of Steel’ premiere alone despite the pair being seemingly inseparable on the reality TV show, Made in Chelsea. It also means Lucy will be missing out on the MIC end of season wrap party.

Lucy’s decision to step out alone comes after a string of unhappy tweets. On Sunday evening, Lucy posted a quote to Twitter saying, “Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.” Lucy has made clear to Spencer in the past that she will not tolerate his bad boy ways. Spencer cheated on ex, Louise Thompson numerous times and was even caught with a girl in Louise’s bed. Perhaps this was yet another warning to Spenny.


On Tuesday more tweets were posted. One showed Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair – who the couple have been likened to – looking confused and frustrated. In another tweet, which has since been deleted, Lucy revealed that she did felt uncomfortable at the filming of the end of season interview show. We wonder why that may have been…