Miguel’s ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’: album review

Posted by: on Oct 16, 2012 | No Comments

I’m always on the lookout for newly emerging artists to add to my iPod playlist and after being introduced to Miguel’s music last year, I have been totally addicted to this hottie’s eclectic style and amazing vocals.

The release of his EP-‘Art Dealer Chic’ had a huge following, and featured his hit single ‘Adorn’ which is currently #4 on Billboards Hip Hop and R’n’B chart, and #27 on the hot 100. It goes to show how amazing this song is considering it was released 8 months ago.

Earlier this month (2nd Oct) he released his second studio album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’.

To be honest I’m not one to sit down and listen to a whole album if I’m not drawn in immediately, but I was pleasantly surprised.

My favourite songs on the album are ‘Do You’, ‘Arch and Point’, ‘Use Me’ and his new version of ‘Adorn’ featuring Wiz Khalifa.  These songs are definitely pushing boundaries and sound fresh and interesting with his instrumentals, sensual lyrics and downright gob-smacking harmonies (watch out Frank Ocean!)

The only thing I would have liked to hear on this album were more collaborations with other artists, but I think the fact that we don’t hear loads of features adds to the audience hearing the real Miguel.

There’s always something attractive about a man who is good with words (and who can sing) and Miguel fits this category perfectly. I think that the album does not conform to music that is already out there but instead evolves upon old school R’n’B, creating a whole other genre.

I know some might not agree but if you want to explore different genres of music have a listen!

I personally cannot wait to hear more songs by this talented man.