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I thought that now would be the perfect time to reveal MOBILE MAKEOVER- a beauty guide available to download, just in time for Valentine’s Day. MOBILE MAKEOVER are currently shooting their next collection of makeup tutorials for February 7th, bringing in two very exciting photographers who will work alongside their esteemed makeup artists to create stunning romantic looks, perfect for feeling gorgeous on the most loved-up day of the year- or if you are going to drown your sorrows, at least you’ll look good 😉

These days it’s almost impossible to pick up a women’s magazine that
isn’t jam-packed with celebrity pictures. Flawless skin, expertly applied
makeup, not a hair out of place… it’s easy to feel jealous, especially when
your own cosmetic routine feels a world away from the red carpet. But may just have the confidence boost we’ve been looking for.

At Mobile Makeover, women can download comprehensive instructions to recreate the
beauty looks of their favourite stars. The brand new website strives to be the
first and only destination for the latest styles in hair and makeup – and, as
the guides can be downloaded to mobile phones, it truly acts as a personal
stylist ‘on the go’.

As beauty trends get more experimental, more of us are looking for ways to
recreate the show-stopping styles we see in the media. Hair and makeup
tutorials have cropped up all over the Internet, and proved to be a big success
– particularly in the form of Youtube videos, which are often made by amateur
beauty fans. Unfortunately, although the ideas are fantastic, the videos are
often very difficult to follow, and most are incomplete: perhaps only focusing
on the eyes, and ignoring the rest of the look. Finding the perfect style isn’t
easy, either. Nobody has time to sift through pages of blurry search results
whilst trying to get ready for a big night out.

Thankfully, the Mobile Makeover guides suffer none of these setbacks. Each contains
professionally shot photographs of unbeatable quality, ensuring that every step of the process is totally clear.

No need to question if you’re doing it right, or rush along at the speed of a video; these
specialist tutorials are broken down into simple, step-by-step instructions,
which can be followed at your own pace. With straightforward wording and a
photograph illustrating each step, recreating the looks is impressively easy –
even if you lack confidence when it comes to trying new styles, or feel
inexperienced with certain products.

This scrupulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the
website. The guides are written by leading hair and makeup artists, with
considerable editorial and fashion experience. With every look chosen and
explained by an industry professional, it’s clear that Mobile Makeover is at
the forefront of beauty trends. The artists have poured their expertise into
the style guides, ensuring that every look can be recreated to the highest
standard. “We love being able to share our passion for beauty in such an original
way,” says Lan Nguyen, a contributing makeup artist. “We’ve broken down all our
favourite looks into really easy steps, so that everyone can achieve the look
of a professional makeover at home.”  The
team has also shared their favourite products and brands, so there can be no
uncertainty on how to perfectly mimic the experts.


Mobile Makeover caters for every occasion, with styles ranging from
classic beauty, to the wild and experimental. The gallery can be browsed
freely, or there is a simple and reliable search function, so the right look is
only ever a few clicks away. Searching by style, such as ‘high-impact’ or ‘natural’,
will instantly reveal a variety of appropriate and achievable ideas. And if
you’ve ever avoided new colours because you’re not sure what suits you, try
searching by skin tone: a brilliant function that guarantees every style will
look fabulous on you, and not just
the models.

Once a guide has been selected and purchased, the tutorial will become
instantly available. Customers receive two versions of the guide: a printable
PDF file, stored in the user’s online account, and a ‘mobile friendly’ guide,
which is sent to their phone. These mobile guides can be viewed by any phone
with an Internet connection, and maintain the same high quality as the full PDF
file. The images are set to optimise at any screen size, so they can still be
viewed clearly on smaller phones. The combination of computer and phone access
means that the tutorials can be referred to anywhere – at home, at work, in the
pub, on the train – ensuring A-list glamour is always at your fingertips.

Each guide costs just £3 to download (that’s cheaper than a lipstick!)
and can be kept forever. This means you can build up a printed collection of
your favourite looks, and refer to the mobile guides when you need a beauty fix
‘on to go’. And with its sleek website design and easy navigation, you can be
registered and downloading within minutes.

The launch of Mobile Makeover provides a simple and affordable way of
looking and feeling like the most beautiful woman in the room. And with a
growing collection of stunning beauty guides at our disposal, wishing for a
celeb makeover could soon be a thing of the past.