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Wellington Boots have most certainly evolved since 200 years ago. Forget farmers- Wellington Boots today have been consumed by the fashion industry into something spectacular, and well, sparkly.

MudDZ Wellington Boots launched in 2009 and stocks uniquely designed Wellington Boots that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd at your next festival. And with the heeled versions you might actually have a chance of seeing the stage!

Alternatively, MudDZ Wellies are simply another excuse to add glamour to every outfit, as proven by the TOWIE Glambassador” girls: Chloe Simms, Amy Childs and Lauren Goodger, to name but a few.

MudDZ hope to soon launch a children’s range and eventually appear in Selfridges.

Judging by MudDZ’ increasing popularity and frequent mentions on Twitter, “which MudDz are you rockin’?”, we are confident that they are going to succeed. SHOP MudDz NOW!