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My love for knitwear started when I was about five and was
given my very own hand-knitted Noddy jumper that I refused to take off. But
considering I was probably teaming it with some lovely black velvet trousers
that I refused to take off even when they began “swinging around my ankles”,
it’s likely that I didn’t know what a major fashion hit knitwear would turn out to be.

Knitwear was once regarded as the sort of clothing that only
your grandparents would wear, or you were forced to wear at Christmas. But that
has all changed now, with knitwear being a constant fashion trend recently, and
it looks like that won’t be changing any time soon.

The great thing about knitwear is its warmth and
versatility; it goes with just about anything and can be layered to create a
cute winter look. And with the range of products you can find in shops on the
high street you’re able to find something for just about every occasion.

So with Spring slowly approaching I am taking full advantage
of the cosiness and I don’t plan on putting it away just yet!