Ness & Pepper: where art meets fashion

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Here at Gossipdrip we love to explore the relationship between fashion and photography (remember our Fashion as an identity piece?) so we were super excited to discover Vanessa Warren’s new wearable fine art photography collection, Ness & Pepper. Photographer and designer Vanessa transferred her darkroom experimentation to silk, and as a result, created a unique collection of scarves, with each one representing a different story. We spoke to Vanessa about her thoughts behind the brand…

How did you come up with the concept behind Ness & Pepper?

Ness and Pepper was conceived years ago whilst I was experimenting with printing my photography on different fabrics in the dark room. I enjoyed seeing the images come alive with the movement of the fabric.

How easy was it to move from photography to fashion? Was it a daunting experience?

I was already doing fashion shoots commercially for accessories clients; I learned a lot from them about the business, so I felt ready for it.

What can we expect from the Ness & Pepper collection?

It’s going to be a journey, it is fun to experiment with my photography and see how the shapes and colours fall when they are worn. The next collection will be brighter and full of texture..

 Which scarf is your favourite and why?

Each photograph is so personal to me and expresses something very different so it is difficult to say.

Do you think fashion can represent an identity?

Fashion is certainly our packaging, but what is great about Ness & Pepper is that it is that it can be styled in so many different ways to suit your mood/ your identity.  I love seeing how stylists work with it, we have seen them styled everything from classically loosely draped around the neck to punk.