Niall Horan reveals all on Louise Thompson

Posted by: on Aug 15, 2013 | No Comments

Way back in May, Made in Chelsea fans were left open-mouthed at the news Louise Thompson had spent the night with another guy despite being in a relationship with Andy Jordan. One Direction fans were left raging after it was revealed that THAT guy was Niall Horan.

Louise had previously gushed about the 1D cutie and blabbed about loving a guy who can play guitar (…which Niall can do quite well). When Louise spent the night with Niall and didn’t return, Andy, and MIC fans suspected the worse.

Louise was coy about the whole ordeal and there only a stony silence from Niall. But now Niall has spilled the beans on what really went on.

“One meeting turned into a big story, which is ridiculous, so that’s the end of that,” Niall told Fabulous magazine. NOT the juicy gossip we were expecting! At least we know the cheeky directioner is good boy at heart.

It seems it wasn’t only Andy who was left hurt by the incident. Niall explained he found it hard to decide who he could and couldn’t trust after rumours of a relationship with Louise spread.