Nifty Nails: the rise of amazing art for your fingertips!

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Unless you have been living under a rock you’ll know that manicures, nail wraps, cracked effect and nail art have become the hot new fashion frenzy.

Sparked by boutique style nail salons everyone started competing for the trendiest talons.

Even the celebs love wacky nails…….

The Queen of weird Katy Perry opts for Sushi, Russell Brand and Oompa-Loompas to decorate her nails


New Girl Zooey Deschanel opts for vintage, girly and nautical inspired claws.


Lana del Rey has sparked a trend of  pointed coloured-edge nails

Now you can buy WAH nail pens, nail wraps, fake nails and create unique designs all by yourself! Browse blogs and sites like Youtube to find tutorial videos of how to get the best nail art designs at home and on a budget.

Check out the the designs this student showcased on Daily Mail this week….

Starry stuff: R2D2 frolics among the stardust on these Star Wars-themed fingernailsPowerful stuff: Austin Powers baddie Dr Evil hatches a cunning plan on these manicured nails

Disney diva: Kayleigh O'Connor's nails painted to resemble Snow White, the prince, her wicked stepmother, the mirror and the poisoned appleFunny frog: Kermit The Frog takes pride of place on Kayleigh O'Connor's thumbnail

Batman nails forever: The media studies student, 24, decorates her fingernails with popular film, television and cartoon charactersUp, up and away! The Birmingham student used the Pixar film Up as inspiration for one set of nails

Queen of the manicures: Rock icon Freddie Mercury comes back to life on Kayleigh's imaginative nailsThese nails had me saying OMG!

How amazing? Okay, so these are actual pieces of mini art but you get the idea- you’re nails are a blank canvas ready to be accessorised. Why not try something equally as cool but a little simpler like polka dots, stripes or multicoloured……

Try products like these to get you started: