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It was recently reported by an English tabloid that Northern women like to ‘slap it on’ while Southern girls prefer the ‘natural look’. Being a Southerner that lives in Manchester, I write to defend the women of the North, and how this daring approach to both makeup and fashion ultimately gives these women confidence, something which has in turn altered my perception on what fashion can achieve.

Fashion and makeup not only generate happiness and confidence, but more importantly, an opportunity to express yourself in a unique way which painters can only accomplish through a canvas. Our canvas, or rather, body, is an ever changing representation of ourselves and is in need of constant renewal due to life’s changing setbacks and progressions. Purchasing a dress with a plunging neckline or bleaching your hair is not an attempt to ‘fit in’, conform to ideals, or to show off, but rather a daring statement on behalf of the individual, revealing a new sense of confidence within them.

After years of shying away from attention, I write to defend Northern women who are accused of taking fashion to new extremes; women who buy dress after dress to stand out from the crowd and in turn prove themselves as newly transformed individuals, unafraid of society’s judgmental nature. Inspired by both the openness and confidence of Northern women, I have concluded that such fashion should be celebratory rather than criticized.

Life is an experiment, as should be a wardrobe. Confidence is the key to success, and if a ‘controversial’ outfit inspires within you the drive to be noticed and therefore a sole desire to achieve your goals, whether it be a new job, house or man, one more outfit or pair of false eyelashes on your bank statement is ultimately priceless, regardless of how the tabloids incorrectly perceive the women of the North.