Not Very Posh! Victoria Beckham Steps Out In Nightie

Posted by: on Jul 8, 2013 | No Comments

Victoria Beckham killed off her ‘Posh’ alter-ego on Sunday by rocking up to the Wimbledon Royal Box in a very sexy dress that looked more like it belonged in her lingerie drawer. The fashion icon was just one of a gaggle of celebs who managed to blag a spot in the box to witness Andy Murray‘s historic win at Wimbledon.

VB clearly missed the ‘smart dress only’ memo as she strutted in the box in the lacy, low back dress prompting some Twitter users to question whether she had turned up in her nightie.

She certainly didn’t look like she had just rolled of bed though – Mrs Beckham had her hair carefully coiffed into a simple chignon and used contouring make up to show off her killer cheekbones.

Here’s to hoping we look as good at her age!