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Think this title sounds a little familiar? Well it will do as it is a new film hitting our screens this week based on the novel originally published as ‘Before I die’ by Jenny Downham. The film stars Dakota Fanning playing the lead and is released in the UK on the 19th September 2012.


Obviously I can’t give you a review of the film but what I can do is give you one of the book and hopefully an insight in to what the film may entail.


The book is based around 16 year old Tessa. Tessa is dying from cancer and so devises a list (similar to a bucket list) of things she wants to do/achieve before her time ends; some legal, some not so legal…..


You see how her illness not only affects her own life but that of her close family; in particular her father, her best friend Zoey and her love Adam. Each character goes through a bit of a bumpy ride themselves but they are brought together by their love for Tessa.


If you are anything like me I much prefer to read a book before watching it on film so I would recommend giving this a go. It isn’t as depressing as you may originally think; yes there are heart breaking moments but also moments of hope and humanity. The book takes you through Tessa’s preparation for when that moment comes bringing with it humour and sadness rolled in to one.


Sure to be a box office hit, why not read the book, watch the film and compare?


Ruth Emmerson