OMG of the Week: Justin and Selena’s AWK attempt at a reconciliation…

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Bad atmosphere: Selena and Justin apparently left the restaurant moments after arriving

Just when you think that the Hollywood trend of reconciliation (á la Chris Brown-Rihanna, KStew-RPattz) is a real epidemic, the sad reality looks to have hit the latest couple that have called it quits– for good.

Justin Bieber and Selena were spotted meeting up at a Japanese restaurant in Encino, California last night, but any hope of the pair getting back together seemed to have dashed as they were papped leaving again– a mere 5 minutes after entering the restaurant!

Selena, looking a little fed-up (perhaps of the incessant papparazzos?) returned to her car with Bieber doing the same, looking as disgruntled and maybe disappointed with the turn of events.

The shortlived dinner meeting didn’t seemed to be over after Justin farewelled Selena at her car (below).

Fashion fails: Justin wore a strange pair of trousers, and Selena exposed her bra in a backless top


Bieber seemed to be pleading with his ex to work through their issues as he later drove to her house– but was refused entry by the Wizards of Waverly Place star. (Ouch!)

Poor Bieber looks upset and annoyed at Selena’s blunt dismissal of his spontaeneous visit, and even moreso with photographers tracking every minute of it on camera!

TMZ reported online that the couple had previously been together at Gomez’ house before their ‘dinner’ at the Japanese restaurant in Cali, trying to work out the drama that emerged after their break up earlier this month. (Read about the deets here!)

Let me in! Justin was seen having a tantrum outside his estranged partner's home No go zone: The Baby singer appeared to be furious after the sidewalk bust up Has he goen yet? Selena can be seen peeking around the gate as Justin is faced by paparazzi outside

Biebs faces the papprazzi outside, redfaced after not being allowed into Selena’s House (who you can see in the background- eek!)

So, GossipDrip readers, do you think Taylor Swift’s new song be apt for the rendevous of Selena and Biebs, or do you think Justin should make sure that there’s One Less Lonely Girl and reconcile with the Disney star? 

Post your thoughts below!