OMG of the week: Miley Cyrus gets a cray new ‘do!

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Going, going, gone! Miley documented the detail as her ballet bun was chopped off



Miley snipped all of her locks off in a bid to shake off Hannah Montana and embrace her wild side with a pixie crop sporting an undercut. Even though it has had mixed reviews she has taken to twitter everyday to showcase the new look meaning she probs happy with the look. Whatever floats your boat we say!

And another: Miley went on a social network frenzy while Liam Hemsworth shoots new film Paranoia

Alongside the personal snapshot, Cyrus seems to acknowledge her new-found confidence, writing: ‘self love is the greatest of all flatterers.’ But it seems her tweeps have not been keen on the grungy new look…

Oh dear: Miley Cyrus' new haircut has brought about an incessant amount of tweeting

She wrote: ‘My dad Billy Ray Cyrus used to tell me, “Opinions are like a**holes – everybody has one.” LOVE my hair. Feel so happy, pretty, and free.’


Out and about: Miley was seen driving her car around Philadelphia today

The universe would be out of sync if a disney starlet didn’t go off the rails a little bit with crazy hair shenanigans and smoking to look uber cool- Miley is going through her Disney rite of passage………..

Huh, wise words there Bill….What do you think of Miley’s new look?


Sharing her joy: Miley loves her latest look so much she has been incessantly tweeting photos of it