OMG of the Week: Will.I.Am and Cheryl’s LA car crash

Posted by: on Aug 31, 2012 | No Comments

Cheryl Cole,

Our favourite Brit songstress and ‘dope’ BEP frontman were caught in a late night car crash earlier this week– but luckily the pop star buds are okay, and took to their Twitter accounts to put Chezza’s soldiers and Will’s fan at ease.
Will.I.Am was driving with Cheryl later Wednesday night (29th of Aug) and were caught up in a collision. Will reportedly sufffered a bleeding nose and whiplash, and Cheryl was treated at hosiptal– but both confirmed they were “fine” via tweets.

Poor Chezza, was however spotted entering the Radio 1 studios this morning for an interview on Fearne Cotton’s show sporting a fetching black sling with her burgundy ensemble– awww!


Phew– We couldn’t cope with a world minus our hair icon and comical Black Eyed Peas showman!