One Direction could be the key to Little Mix’s US success

Posted by: on May 28, 2013 | No Comments

Little Mix are on track to repeat the success of brother-boyband One Direction, entering today’s US iTunes Albums Chart at Number 2- saying they have the boys’ wise words to thank.

X Factor winners Little Mix, who are currently covering teen magazine Seventeen in the states, explained how they approached Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall for some advice before taking their music over to America.

Leigh-Anne told Seventeen: “They basically said, ‘Be yourself and you can’t go wrong. People know when you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Just be true to who you are. So that’s what we’ve been doing!”

Golden boys One Direction have been famed for their down-to-earth approach to success claiming they don’t think of themselves as celebrities and insisting that they are just five normal boys.

It seems Little Mix aren’t the only ones heeding One Direction‘s wise words with friend of the band Ed Sheeran saying that collectively they were ‘the least rock and roll stars in the business’, opting for Monopoly and rom-coms when they hung out together.

Ed, who achieved the highest ever album entry for a UK male solo artist in the US, said: “Nobody goes around smashing TVs any more. Everyone in music, bar a couple of people, is really polite now. The reason is people have to like you to buy your record.”

Die-hard fans of One Direction, the ‘Directioners‘, are testament to their likability, with one girl also telling The Daily Mail that One Direction were different from American bands because they were polite.

Other friends of the band who have enjoyed success across the pond include former X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd and last year’s Up All Night tour support act Olly Murs, whereas boyband rivals The Wanted failed to make a splash in the US sales chart.

They may be wishing they’d stuck on the good side of One Direction now.