One to watch: Daniela Brooker

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This 19-year-old Londoner will be gracing the charts with her upbeat pop songs in 2013. Having supported The Saturdays on their sell-out tour she is about to release her debut album. ‘Chasing The Waves’ is the debut single from Brooker’s upcoming album P.S. (out next year). She’s the perfect pop pin-up- fans of Kelly Clarkson, Demi Levato and Pixie Lott should take note.

You can download the first single for FREE on

Brooker is young, but has a powerful voice that is beyond her years.  Born to a Tupac Shakur loving English dad and a Venezuelan mum, the 19-year old Londoner has been making music for over a third of her young life.  While growing up, school and Brooker’s social life suffered, and ultimately her parents suffered – all she wanted to do was sing, write, and perform music.  Everything else went out the window.

At just 12 years old, she wrote her first song.  However, unlike most 12 year olds, Brooker didn’t just follow the time-honoured tradition and sketch down some poetry in an adolescent diary then warble a tune into a mobile phone. Displaying the tireless determination that’s stood her in good stead throughout her rise through the music industry, she nagged everyone she knew in the hunt to find a producer and made her recording debut at the ripe old age of 13.  Suitably inspired Brooker kept at it.  She wrote song after song, going after musician after musician, and following up any sniff of an opportunity.  By the age of 15, she was hanging out in a studio complex in Hackney, working with different producers, trying to develop a sound.

The year she turned 18 she managed to wrack up 100 gigs, including those supporting The Saturdays on their UK tour, leading to a slot on the Hard Rock Café’s 2011 Pinktober US tour.

Emboldened and excited, Brooker and her band have since been writing new songs which have become the cornerstone of her forthcoming debut album.  The rich cocktail of English and Latin-American influences – she is a fluent Spanish speaker – feeding both into the songs and her rich, expressive and soulful voice.


Check out the video to her lead single from the forthcoming album here….