Peaches Geldof announces she is expecting second child!

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Peaches Geldof has revealed she and husband Tom Cohen are expecting a child, just six months after the birth of her first child, Astala.

At three-and-a-half-months pregnant, Peaches says scans have confirmed the new arrival is another baby boy.

And Peaches admits the impending arrival of another member of the Geldof clan came as a surprise, telling a UK magazine, ‘I did have a momentary panic and go, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to have a one-year-old and a one-month-old! How will we cope?’

At just 23 the former party girl has put her wild years behind her, saying ‘I may be only 23 and the only one of our friends who’s married, got a baby on the way and is on the verge of moving to Surrey, but it’s a life I always dreamed of and I couldn’t be happier.’

The news comes after snaps emerged last week of Peaches playing with Astala at home- the star looked content as her baby boy chuckled in every photograph.


Peaches and Astala

Peaches was diagnosed with poly cystic ovaries several years ago and suffered a further setback after being rushed to hospital three years ago with an ectopic pregnancy; ‘I woke up in the night in the worst pain. It was like something was ripping me apart. I had no idea I was pregnant.’

’I was taken to hospital and they discovered what it was. I was told if I had left it even three more days I would have died. But I had to have an operation and the doctor told me he’d have to remove my Fallopian tube. I was crying and begging him not to.

‘When I woke up, he told me he’d saved the tube but it was badly damaged and my chances of having kids had gone from slim to almost non-existent.’

‘Afterwards, I suffered from post-traumatic stress. I was thinking about freezing my eggs and all these things, but you have to face the idea you just won’t have children.’

But life couldn’t look more different for the star now, and speaking of the new arrival Peaches even added she’s ‘started imagining the two boys growing up together as the best of friends. There are massive benefits to having two children so close together.’

Peaches has come under fire from the media after she was spotted tipping over Astala’s pram whilst chatting on her mobile earlier this year. She later took to twitter and blamed London’s uneven pavements for the accident.


We wonder what crazy and creative name baby number two will get… what could possibly top Astala?

Congrats guys!